About WEET

WEE Technology Company Limited is a marketing office established in Hong Kong since 2000. We are specialized in manufacturing diodes and bridge rectifiers, both in surface mount and through hole Type, which including Zener Diodes,Switching Diodes,Bridge Rectifiers,General Rectifier Diodes,Fast Recovery Rectifiers,High Efficient Rectifiers,Schottey Barrier Rectifiers,Transient Voltage Suppessors,Super Fast Recovery Rectifiers,Small Signal Transistors.

Products are wildly use in Automotive, energy saving lamp rectifier, computer peripherals, communications equipment, household appliances, aerospace products, medical devices, solar photovoltaic industry and other fields.

WEE is in full charges of supporting and handling all the affairs and business development of the overseas customers from our mainland factories. WEE owns two factories with more than 500 workers, which located in Jiangsu and Anhui province of China. WEE factories are endowed with ISO-9001:2008 and ISO14001: 2004 quality management certifications.

WEE Jiangsu factory was set up in 2001, which specializing in diodes and rectifiers products, mainly including SMAF, SMA-J, SMA, SMB, SMC, DO-15, DO-27, DO-41, A-1, R-6 package and so on. WEE Anhui factory is the expertise in bridge rectifiers since 1998. Bridge rectifiers current range from 0.5A to 50A, voltage range from 50V to 1000V, most common package are MINIDIP, DB,WOM,MBS, MBF, KBP, GBP, GBL, S25VB, TO-220, KBL, KBU, GBU, GBJ, KBPC, GBPC and so on.All of our products are meeting RoHS 2.0 and Reach standard.

From the design and manufacture of components, as well as the GPP chips, WEE is providing one-stop services.
We Enhance Efficiency.