WEET Through Hole DIP Diodes Rectifiers Packing and Package Introduction Chart and Cross Table

A-405: MUR140 THRU MUR160 (MUR140, MUR160) Ultra-Fast Recovery Rectifiers

R-1: 1F1 THRU 1F7 (1F1, 1F2, 1F3, 1F4, 1F5, 1F6, 1F7)Fast Recovery Rectifier

R-6: HER601 THRU HER608 (HER601, HER602, HER603, HER604, HER605, HER606, HER607, HER608) High Efficient Rectifier

DO-41: 1N4933 THRU 1N4937 (1N4933, 1N4934, 1N4935, 1N4936, 1N4937)Fast Recovery Rectifier

DO-15: SF21G THRU SF28G (SF21G, SF22G, SF23G, SF24G, SF25G, SF26G, SF28G) Ultra-Fast Recovery Rectifiers

DO-27: ER301 THRU ER308 (ER301, ER302, ER303, ER304, ER306, ER308) Ultra-Fast Recovery Rectifiers

DO-34, DO-35: 1N4148 Silicon Epitaxial Planar Switching Diode

DO-41: BZX85C2V7 THRU BZX85C75 (BZX85C2V4, BZX85C2V7, BZX85C15,BZX85C27…BZX85C75) Silicon Epitaxial Planar Zener Diodes


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