WEET Dragon Boat Festival Holiday Time Notice - Best Factory For Capacitors and Diodes

Dragon Boat Festival is coming, we are here to thank you for the support and help of our valued customers. 

Please find WEET holiday time as below: 3rd May to 5th May. Resume work on 6th May, 2022

You would check more products information on our website and send us inquiry as usual. 

Passive electronic components: www.weetcap.com

Active electronic components: www.weetcl.com

The name of the Dragon Boat Festival is the most popular among all the traditional festivals in China, with more than 20 names, 

such as Dragon Boat Festival, Double Ninth Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Duanwu Festival, Double Fifth Festival, 

dangwuxun Festival, Tianzhong Festival, Xia Festival, AI Festival, Shangri Festival, May Festival, 

Acorus calamus Festival, Tianyi Festival, herbal medicine Festival, Yulan Festival, Wuri Festival, Dila Festival, 

Zhengyang Festival, dragon day festival, zongzi Festival, Wuhuang Festival, poet's day, 

hiding afternoon Festival, jiezong Festival, Duanli Festival, the fifth day of May May afternoon, etc