WEET Surface Mounted SMD Diodes and Rectifiers Packing and Package Diagram and Sample Chart

WEET is famous in producing all series of SMD diodes and rectifiers. You can find all the diodes you need in WEET.
Below is the common packages cross reference table between China Package and European Package.

SMA <--->2010
SMB <--->2114
SMC <--->3220
SOD123  <--->1206
SOD323 <--->0805
SOD523 <--->0603
DO-214AA <--->SMA
DO-214AB <--->SMB
DO-214AC <--->SMC
DO-213AB <--->MELF 

WEET SMAF M1 THRU M7 (M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, M7) General Purpose Plastic Rectifier
WEET SMA(DO-214AC) S2A THRU S2M ( S2A, S2B, S2D, S2G, S2J, S2K, S2M) General Purpose Plastic Rectifier
WEET SMB(DO-214AA) S3A THRU S3M (S3A, S3B, S3D, S3G, S3J, S3K, S3M) General Purpose Plastic Rectifier
WEET SMC(DO-214AB) S5A THRU S5M (S5A, S5B, S5D, S5G, S5J, S5K, S5M) General Purpose Plastic Rectifier



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