WEET Axial Diodes Lead Diameter and Material Compared with Secondary Semiconductor Factory

WEET 1N4007 product series, DO-41 package, WEET lead is mainly 0.7mm or 0.78mm.
While some competitors still use thin 0.6mm, 0.55mm leads.

WEET SF36 product series, DO-27 package, WEE Technology leads are all 1.2mm, and some peers still use thin 1.0mm, 0.8mm leads.

If the lead is too thin, it will affect the heat dissipation and eventually lead to product failure.

Our company's leads are all tinned copper wires. Some of them in semiconductor filed are made of iron or steel.

Application scope of tinned copper wire products:
1. Resistance and capacitance; 2. Sensor of photosensitive element, diode and transistor;

Tinned copper wire is not only to improve its solderability,
but also to prevent the insulation rubber hair core from becoming black, brittle and hard.

WEET all the diodes are equivalent and across to European brands, we only provide top diodes.