WEET Full Range of Bridge Rectifiers 1A to 50A 50V to 1000V

WEE Technology Company Limited

Manufacturer of Surface Mount (SMD) and Through Hole (DIP) Diodes & Rectifiers

WEET Full Range of Bridge Rectifiers 1A to 50A 50V to 1000V Features:

* Good for automation insertion

* Ideal for printed circuit board

* Reliable low cost construction utilizing molded

* Glass Passivated Chip Junctions

* Polarity symbols molded on body

* Mounting position: Any

* Lead Free: For RoHS / Lead Free Version

WEET is Preparing mateial for full range bridge rectifiers, as we know the Christmas is coming, most of our overseas customrs will have long holiday.In order to faster the lead time, so usually WEET will request forecast from customer and make order plan in advance. Below is the list of WEE Technology strong and common Bridge Rectifirs,  free samples are at your disposal, welcome your enquiry.


1.0A MB1S Thru MB10S25.0A GBJ25005 Thru GBJ25104.0A KBU4005 Thru KBU410
1.0A MB1F Thru MB10F35.0A GBJ35005 Thru GBJ35108.0A KBU8005 Thru KBU810
1.0A ABS1 Thru ABS102.0A 2W005 Thru 2W1010.0A KBU10005 Thru KBU1010
1.0A DB101 Thru DB1076.0A KBPC6005 Thru KBPC61015.0A KBU15005 Thru KBU1510
1.0A DB101S Thru DB107S8.0A KBPC8005 Thru KBPC81025.0A KBU25005 Thru KBU2506
1.5A W005 Thru W1010.0A KBPC10005 Thru KBPC101025.0A KBU25008 Thru KBU2510
2.0A D2UB05 Thru D2UB10015.0A KBPC15005 Thru KBPC151035.0A KBU35005 Thru KBU3506
3.0A D3UB05 Thru D3UB10025.0A KBPC25005 Thru KBPC251035.0A KBU3508 Thru KBU3510
4.0A D4UB05 Thru D4UB10035.0A KBPC35005 Thru KBPC351020.0A GBU20005 Thru GBU2010
2.0A KBP2005 Thru KBP21050.0A KBPC50005 Thru KBPC501025.0A GBU25005 Thru GBU2510
4.0A KBL4005 Thru KBL41010.0A KBPC10005W Thru KBPC1010W4.0A KBJ4005 Thru KBJ410
6.0A KBU6005 Thru KBU61025.0A KBPC25005W Thru KBPC2510W8.0A KBJ8005 Thru KBJ810
4.0A GBU4005 Thru GBU41035.0A KBPC35005W Thru KBPC3510W10.0A KBJ10005 Thru KBJ1010
6.0A GBU6005 Thru GBU61050.0A KBPC50005W Thru KBPC5010W15.0A KBJ15005 Thru KBJ1506
8.0A GBU8005 Thru GBU81025.0A BR25005 Thru BR251015.0A KBJ1508 Thru KBJ1510
10.0A GBU10005 Thru GBU101025.0A BR25005W Thru BR2510W50.0A GBJ50005 Thru GBJ5010
15.0A GBU15005 Thru GBU151015.0A GBPC15005 Thru GBPC151050.0A GBPC50005W Thru GBPC5010W
1.5A DB151 Thru DB15725.0A GBPC25005 Thru GBPC251015.0A SKBPC1504 Thru SKBPC1516
1.5A DB151S Thru DB157S35.0A GBPC35005 Thru GBPC351025.0A SKBPC25005 Thru SKBPC2516
2.0A DB201 Thru DB20750.0A GBPC50005 Thru GBPC501035.0A SKBPC35005 Thru SKBPC3516
2.0A DB201S Thru DB207S15.0A GBPC15005W Thru GBPC1510W50.0A SKBPC5006 Thru SKBPC5016
1.0A MB1M Thru MB10M25.0A GBPC25005W Thru GBPC2510W25.0A S25VB005 Thru S25VB100
3.0A KBP3005 Thru KBP31035.0A GBPC35005W Thru GBPC3510W35.0A S35VB005 Thru S35VB100
2.0A GBP2005 Thru GBP2106.0A KBL601 Thru KBL61050.0A S50VB005 Thru S50VB100
3.0A GBP3005 Thru GBP3104.0A GBL4005 Thru GBL41010.0A KBPC1005 Thru KBPC110
6.0A KBJ6005 Thru KBJ61015.0A BR15005L Thru BR1510L15.0A KBPC15005 Thru KBPC1510
6.0A GBJ6005 Thru GBJ61025.0A BR25005L Thru BR2510L30.0A KBPC3005 Thru KBPC310
8.0A GBJ8005 Thru GBJ81035.0A BR35005L Thru BR3510L15.0A BR15005 Thru BR1510
10.0A GBJ10005 Thru GBJ101050.0A BR50005L Thru BR5010L35.0A BR35005 Thru BR3510
15.0A GBJ15005 Thru GBJ151050.0A BR50005W Thru BR5010W50.0A BR50005 Thru BR5010
20.0A GBJ20005 Thru GBJ201035.0A BR35005W Thru BR3510W15.0A BR15005W Thru BR1510W