WEET Introduce Characteristic of DO-214AD(SMAF, SMA Folded) Package Low Profile Diodes and Rectifier

In order to adapt to the development trend of discrete power components,
the requirements of smaller size but higher power are needed,
WEE Technology Company Limited develops and produces SMAF packaging diode,
which is located in the forefront of SMD diode production industry with its characteristics of high quality and small volume. 

1: This product adopts ultra-thin, flexible and optimized new design
2: The height of SMAF is only 1.3mm, which is 40% thinner than the 2.25mm of ordinary flat SMA and 2.1mm of frame SMA
3: Directly replace flat SMA and frame SMA products: high current capacity, GPP glass passivation covers 1A-2A, Schottky covers 1A-5A
4: The frame welding process provides high reliability and large current capacity,
5: With low thermal resistance, low junction temperature and high anti surge design, SMAF lead is flat on the bottom of the device,
and the heat dissipation path is short. The shape of the sheet lead frame used for heat dissipation of the silicon chip is improved,
with strong anti forward surge ability, and the technical breakthrough of small volume and large power is realized;
6: All kinds of products, including common STD, FR, HER, SF, SKY diodes, are the design trend of miniaturization of electronic products,
7: These SMAF package are perfectly matched with LED, power supply and small energy saving lamps.

DO-214AB (SMC)



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