WEET How to Use a Multimeter to Measure A General Axial Lead Diode DO-15 RL201 THRU RL207

Generally, four diodes are the same and regularly appear on the edge of the circuit board,
which is the diode rectifier circuit. It can be seen from the appearance that the black cylinder
has a mark at one end near the lead. We take RL207 as an example:

DO-15 General Purpose Plastic Rectifier RL201 THRU RL207 (RL201, RL202, RL203, RL204, RL205, RL206, RL207)

Learn to measure it when there is no power supply independently, that is to measure it with resistance gear.
Select RX1K gear and adjust the pointer to zero. Note that the probe is inserted into the corresponding socket.
The red and black probes then touch the diode's two pole leads.

The measured result is that the pointer indicates 6K, indicating that the forward resistance of the diode is 6K.
Remember the position of the diode lead to which the probe is connected.
Then adjust the red and black probes, and then test, to test the reverse resistance of the diode.

As for the test result of the adjusting probe, the pointer does not move and there is no indication.
It seems that it is not working. In fact, it is not working, which indicates that the diode is normal.
Using the same method to measure the other three diodes, the results are almost the same.
It shows that the rectifier diode can work normally. From the test results,
it can be seen that the secondary pipe is energized in one direction, which is exactly its characteristics.
When the pointer has an indication, the black probe is connected to the positive pole of the diode,
and the corresponding other end is the negative pole of the diode.
The marker end of the diode cylinder is the negative electrode.

Matters need to pay attention to when testing a  
1. Insert the red and black probes into the corresponding +, - plughole.
2. Diodes are positive and negative, i.e. on or off.


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