WEET Get Some Statistics on How to Identify Good Bridge and Diodes Factory In China Mainland

As WEET has mentioned before, for well-established diodes and rectifiers factories in China mainly distributed in Jiangsu,
Shanghai, Anhui and Shandong. On the other hand, generally speaking,
Compared with these cities, and the worse quality Diodes are in Northern Jiangsu and Shandong Province.
Based on our customers feedbacks, Guangdong, of course, is also become the cheapest and the worst diodes factory now.
Most of their raw material are second level, so WEET highly suggest customers to try all the products samples
before mass ordering. No matter how common the products is , datasheet confirmation and sample running process are needed.

Package TypeProduct TypeKKpcsTypical Products
SMAFSurface Mount SMD Diodes300M7,RS1M,ES1J,ES2J
SMA-JSurface Mount SMD Diodes225SS14,ES1D,US1M
SMASurface Mount SMD Diodes75SS310,RS2M,SMAJ15CA
SMBSurface Mount SMD Diodes90S3M,RS2M,SMBJ33CA
SMCSurface Mount SMD Diodes20RS3M,S5M,SMCJ36CA
SOD-123FLSurface Mount SMD Diodes75A7,F1M,E1J,K14
SOD-123Surface Mount SMD Diodes151N4148W,1N4148WS
R-1Through Hole Dip Diodes81A5,1A6,1A7
R-6Through Hole Dip Diodes8P6A10,6A10,10A10
DO-41Through Hole Dip Diodes2251N4007,HER104,SF18,FR107
DO-15Through Hole Dip Diodes120SF28,RL207,HER208
DO-27Through Hole Dip Diodes90SF56G,SR340,1N5408,HER308
DO-201AEThrough Hole Dip Diodes451.5KE15CA,1.5KE250CA
MBFSMD Bridge Rectifiers300MB6F,MB8F,MB10F
MBSSMD Bridge Rectifiers90MB10S,MB6S
DBSSMD Bridge Rectifiers20DB107S,DB207S
DBDip Bridge Rectifiers10DB107,DB207
GBPDip Bridge Rectifiers10GBP210,GBP310,GBP410


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