WEET Inform All the Customers About the Peak Period and Off-season of Diodes Factory

Usually Chinese people will have one long holiday in January,
we call it as Chinese Spring Festival, which will last for 3 weeks.
After factory workers are all back to work on time,
there is still lots of preparation work to do before the factory can run normally.
 So generally speaking, January to March will be the Off-season for factory.
 This is the really why we suggest customer to place order or give order forecast at the end of last December.
 For WEET, from June to December is our peak season, all the workers are ready to work on time in the factory.

WEE Technology Main Manufacturing Equipment

WEET Equipment TypeQuantity(Set)
Chip Selecting Machine13
Pointing Glue Machine30
Welding Stove12
Plastic Package Pressing Machine45
Small Pressing Machine for Cutting Leads67
Reflow Soldering Machines3
Through Hole TMTT Machine45
Surface Mount TMTT Machine52



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