WEET 1.0 AMPS. MB1S THRU MB6S Glass Passivated Bridge Rectifiers

The bridge rectifier MB6S and MB8S do not have a fixed output voltage, the output voltage is determined according to the input voltage, and the withstand voltage values of that component are 600V and 800V, respectively;

The bridge rectifier is to seal the rectifier in a shell. Divided into full bridge and half bridge. The full bridge seals the four diodes of the connected bridge rectifier circuit. The half bridge is to seal together half of the two diode bridge rectifiers. Two bridges can be used to form a bridge rectifier circuit. One half bridge can also form a full-wave rectifier circuit with a center tap of the transformer. Rectifier circuit and working voltage

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datasheet: https://www.weetcl.com/pdf/WEET_MBS_MB1S_THRU_MB10S.pdf